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We know the way parents and caregivers protect kids may look different in the current environment as they are adapting to new scenarios. Kids may be spending more time online or in front of a screen, parents may be working from home, having financial stressors, or have had to arrange different childcare options. 

Keeping Kids Safe Online  

Keep Your Kids Safe on the Internet Webpage & One Sheet,

Sample Activity List​

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Continue to check-in with your kids to see how they are feeling and pay attention to what they say. But remember,  silence is okay, too. Allow them to have the space they need to open up. Share the Family Code of Conduct Worksheet and Safe Adult Worksheets.


Family Code of Conduct Worksheet 

Who is the Trusted Adult Worksheet

Being the Trusted Adult Worksheet

D2L 5 Days of Action 2020 Wednesday_ODAT
D2L 5 Days of Action 2020 Wednesday_ODAT


We know it may be difficult to keep up with what services are open during this time, but it's important to know how to respond if you need help or support and to provide resources to your community. Calling 211 for local resources.

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D2L 5 Days of Action 2020 Thursday_ODAT-


As we Wrap-up the Five Days of Action, we encourage you to continue to use the resources from the week. Want more in-depth child protection training? The Protecting Children During a Crisis training from Darkness to Light is available online, free of charge, and in English and Spanish. 

Wow – what a week! We have shared a lot of resources to help you take it One Day at a Time. 

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