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FEBRUARY 1-29, 2024 -  RALLY for the Y
10 - On-Bike Half

A Heartfelt THANK YOU to our incredible Y members who pedaled their way to success in the RALLY.RIDE.RAISE fundraiser throughout February! A special shoutout to Blue Goji for generously sponsoring our riders at $.10 for every mile ridden, contributing to the overall success of the fundraiser.

We're thrilled to announce that our amazing community, powered by Blue Goji and the Expresso Bikes, raised a whopping $1,144.30, securing 26th place out of 120 National YMCA teams! Your dedication and support truly made a significant impact.

But the numbers don't stop there! Our 11 registered riders burned an impressive 42,992 calories and collectively conquered 1,210 miles during this fantastic journey. Your passion for health and wellness has not only benefited our Y but has also inspired us all to reach new heights together.

Your commitment, energy, and determination have truly made a positive difference in our community. Thank you for pedaling with purpose and helping us achieve such remarkable results! Let's keep the momentum going and continue to build a healthier, stronger community together! #RallyRideRaise #YCommunity #PedalPower #ThankYou Looking forward to 2025 RALLY.RIDE.RAISE

In 2024, ten riders rode 1,210 miles and raised $1,144.30 including sponsorships. A total of 42,992 calories were burned! 

In 2023, seventeen riders rode 1,094 miles and raised $1,102 including sponsorships. A total of 46,324 calories were burned! 

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