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February, 2020

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"'I literally never thought I'd ever hear the phrase 'shuffle-ball-change' uttered to me again since 3 years old, but when our Y decided to start offering these classes with a professional dance instructor for adults, I said what I always like to say in moments of bizarre opportunities: 'CARPE DIEM' ! I have to say: I feel like a kid again! This class is somewhat challenging because it is a great cardio, calf, and even brain workout, but also SO MUCH FUN! Our instructor, Candice (who also teaches a cardio Hip-Hop class at the Y) is patient in teaching us the different steps and has us practice the basics repeatedly before combining them into a progressive routine.

The class is filled with a mix of ages, levels, and abilities and everyone is so helpful and supportive of one another. We even have a member who started dancing for the first time in her 50's and is tapping now well into her 90's, which is just a reminder to me that you're really never too old to find your passion...and to show up a bunch of people who are half your age doing it!" - Kelly Dougherty, Administrative Assistant / Development Department 

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