Kitch and Cindy will take you through a low impact, high intensity cardio routine! 15 minutes 
Marianna shows you great exercises you can do at home and all you need is your couch!

Workout Videos

YMCA Instructors Marianna, Missy, Kitch, Cindy & Sue Cox have recorded some great workouts for you to stay healthy at home! The YMCA 360 page has on-demand video workouts including: Yoga, Bootcamp, Barre, Active Older Adult, Dance Fitness, Pilates, Cycling, Weightlifting, Tai-Chi, Y Box & more. 

YMCA 360 is designed to help you and your family engage with the YMCA virtually from the comfort of home. Get started at no cost today! Access Y360
Marianna will take you through some stretches to increase flexibility. Great addition after a workout!
Marianna shows a pyramid routine for you to try at home. 3 exercises for 5, 10, 15, 20, 15, 10, 5 reps.
Marianna is putting you through a cardio HIIT workout that you can do at home inside or outside!
Marianna gives you a cardio HIIT workout with modifications for beginners to advanced.
Marianna is giving you an ab circuit that you can do alone or added to the end of another workout!
Marianna shows an ab circuit to do by itself or with another workout routine. Complete it 2-3 times to feel the burn!
Sherri puts you through a workout using weights. However, if you do not own any you can use household items
Missy is putting you through a full body workout that you can complete at your house!
Marianna demonstrates a one minute workout with calve raises & lunges and stair climbing. Repeat 5x or more! 
Marianna is putting you through a quick 15 minute workout that can be done at home at your level and pace. 
YMCA Instructor Sue C explains SyncoCize and invites you to visit her SyncoCize youtube channel for classes.
SyncoCize with Sue Cox. Four moves to warm up and get yourself ready for the workout. Let the fun begin!
SyncoCize with YMCA Sue Cox - Upper Body Strength Work. Visit her youtube page for more SyncoCize! 
Chest fly, Skull Crusher, Scoops, Jack Knife with weight, Bridges, Fire Hydrant Lifts, and Scorpion Tails, and Final Stretch. SyncoCize with Sue Cox.
Booty pop - 4 exercises to achieve that! With special guest star, SCOOP during stretch.Lunge with Gunslinger. SyncoCize with Sue Cox. 
#mYVirtualFitness #movingmonday 5.11.2020 Follow along while Sylvia shows you a total body workout you can do at home!
Sherri is showing you a high intensity exercise you can do at home with weights. If you do not have any weights try water bottles! 

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