This program is offered to anyone who has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes who wants to have a healthier lifestyle. 

To enroll in the diabetes exercise program you will need a prescription and a release to exercise from your physician. 

click here for a printable referral form.  

The 12 week Diabetes Wellness Program includes: 

  • 3 one-on-one hour-long sessions with a fitness coach

  • A personalized workout plan encouraging a minimum of exercising 2 times a week 

  • Weekly contact via e-mail from your fitness coach

  • 3 official weigh-ins

  • 3 month membership to the Middlesex YMCA (must successfully complete all 3 appointments to keep membership) 

  • Pre/post wellness quiz

  • Flexibility to start the program anytime

For more information please contact Sue Cox at or 860-343-6240

If you are living with high blood pressure, taking action to keep it well controlled will minimize your risk for complications like stroke, heart attack, and even death. The simple process of checking your blood pressure at least twice a month over a period of four months has shown to lower blood pressure in many people with high blood pressure. This forms the basis for the YMCA’s Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program, an evidence based program that features personalized support as you develop the habit of routinely self-monitoring your blood pressure, tips for maintaining your cardiovascular health, and nutrition education. For more information click here or contact Sue Cox, or (860) 343-6240 to enroll today

LIVESTRONG at the YMCA helps adult cancer survivors reclaim their health and well-being following a cancer diagnosis and includes a membership to the YMCA for the duration of the program. In this free 12- week program at the Middlesex YMCA, survivors increase strength, develop supportive relationships and increase their quality of life.

For more information click here or contact Sue Cox, or (860) 343-6240 to enroll today