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Paddleboarding for Beginners

Do you want to add variety to your workout routine? Or maybe you struggle to make fitness fun and would rather go to the beach…or a lake! PADDLEBOARD is just the class for you! Head out to our beautiful YMCA Camp Ingersoll Outdoor Center where you and your fellow class members will learn the basics of getting on (and falling off! ) the paddleboard and progress through simple seated, kneeling, lying and standing movements that will be aimed at increasing your balance skills, core strength, and flexibility, all while anchored and floating peacefully on Job’s pond. This class is perfect for the adult member who wants to increase their wellness while relaxing and having fun!

Y Members on Paddleboards at Jobs Pond.
Y Instructor on Paddleboard at Jobs Pond.

Our 2022 Paddleboard season came to a close with a raving review. Both sessions wound up filling up all of its slots and we are excited to bring it back again next summer.


We're in need of a Paddleboard Instructor in order to offer this awesome program again in the future. Know someone? Use Contact Us Button Below! 

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