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In a multitude of ways, our lives are touched by the three things that make the YMCA community so strong:




Stories bring us together. By listening to each other’s stories, we’re able to catch a glimpse of the hope, strength and determination of our community. These stories are just a few examples of why the Y means so much to us, our families and friends.

Our members have some great stories for us to share with you!

This page is devoted to sharing the interesting and inspiring life experiences of our members and staff. We’re sure there are many stories out there, so we hope you’ll fill us in.



Annual Report


Sharing of Annual Report. Welcome to the 132nd Annual Meeting of the Northern Middlesex YMCA.  


Marty's Story


At the age of fourteen on March 15, 1967,  YMCA Marty received the news that he was declared blind. 

Jessica's Story


"My childhood experience at the Y made me the strong woman I am today."


Nancy's Story


Nancy's fasting glucose went from 114 to 98 and her A1C went from 6.1 to 5.6 and considered normal. 

prielle kane.png

Heather's Story


It is wonderful to have the option to swim or just enjoy a shower knowing my kids are safe in Child Watch.

2018.7.5 Andre All Star Swimmer Jayden.j

Pat's Story


“I am so proud of me, I feel like my life depends on being able to maintain this routine."

Prielle's Story


"As a mom, when you work full time, there are so many things that get in the way of a healthy lifestyle." 



When Andre's All Star Member, Jayden expressed an interest in joining the swim team, Y staff made it happen!

Jayden's Story

"I knew the Y could get me where I needed to be to run an ULTRA marathon (100 miles in 55 hours)."

Kaitlin's Story


"As a mom of 5 children, I really count on having this time just for me while my kids are in Child Watch."

Jennifer's Story


"Now that I am in LIVESTRONG, I see how much I needed the support and feel so grateful for the opportunity."

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