Feeling Anxious? Seniors, Adults, Kids and Teens are all facing great uncertainty and anxiety as Covid-19 affects our daily life. Here are a few resources to help yourself and your loved ones cope with the emotional strain.

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"Steady Heads Open Hearts" - a collection of Mental Health and Mindfulness resources for you.


Sarah is currently the Mental Health Director for the La Crosse Area Family YMCA in La Crosse, WI, developing and piloting training materials to increase mental health literacy across the Y movement and globe.


Sarah is also an adjunct professor at Winona State University in the Counselor Education Program in Winona, MN, and Winona's first ever Creative Laureate.


Sarah has a name tag that identifies her as the Happiness Fairy. Sarah Johnson is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She has been working with humans for thirty years and has experience in prevention, youth development, health promotion as well as her clinical work.


Stress Awareness Tips

#StressAwarenessMonth #Tips It can be stressful when our plans get disrupted. Marianna provides a practical tip that works in the fitness center or pretty much during anytime throughout your day!

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