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January, 2019


I first became a member of the Y about 7 years ago as a program member so my daughter could take swimming lessons. We stayed as a program member while she became a part of Kids Korner Before and After School Care. From there my involvement with the Y began to expand. In the Women’s Locker Room, I saw a sign for the Triathlon Club. I was always a runner so I was very interested in trying that as a next level goal. It took me two years to build up the confidence, but I did end up signing up to join the triathlon club. In December 2017, I became a full facility member of the YMCA and joined the Tri Club.

After doing club and participating every two weeks in an indoor triathlon, I realized that my fitness level was not where I wanted it to be. 

Finding other options for working out other than running became important to me and I needed some help with my swimming as well. MX4 classes quickly helped me add strength and endurance into my

routine. The High Intensity Interval Training has really made a big difference

for me in my overall health. It was a great quick workout that I could get in

during my lunchbreak and still feel like I got a full body workout. In the Winter

of 2018, I signed up for the indoor triathlon club again and decided I wanted

to continue to increase my strength. Personal training sessions at the Y

helped me focus without taking the breaks I would take if I was working out

on my own. Having the support of a personal trainer helped provide immediate

feedback on my form to make my workouts more effective.

As a mom, when you work full time, there are so many things that get in the

way of living a healthy lifestyle and not finishing up your kids mac and cheese

every night. During my personal training sessions, I was also given great

information about nutrition and what to add to my diet to help burn those

extra calories.

In the Spring of 2018, I participated in my first outdoor triathlon with Y Staff Cindy Sullivan. At the Women’s Triathlon outdoors in Farmington, I shocked myself by completing the event. If it were not for the incredible support and encouragement from the Y Healthy Lifestyles Team, I NEVER would have even thought about taking on such a big challenge. ½ mile swim, 12 mile run, 5k.

I’ve built a great relationship with Craig as a personal trainer who knows just the right way to push me to accomplish more than I would do on my own. Between Kids Korner and the other activities that my family began participating in at the Y such as swim team and working out, we now have a Family Facility Membership. My daughter has formed so many wonderful friendships through the Y on the swim team and in the Kids Korner Program.

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