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Si tiene preguntas sobre nuestro programa, comuníquese con las siguientes personas:

Raquel Johnson

(Facturación/Registro/Ayuda financiera) 860.343.6245

Erin Hernández

(Temas/Horario diario general) 860.343.6247

Summer Enrichment 2024 registration is OPEN!
  1. Go to the main Middlesex YMCA website and select "Register Online."

  2. On the next page, you will select "SIGN UP" (If child has never attended Kids' Korner or had a YMCA membership before select this option. If your child is a current KK participant, please see #3). You will then select the "Program Youth Summer Enrichment Membership" in order to register the child. All children must have a program membership to attend YMCA Summer Enrichment.

  3. If your child is a current participant in Kids' Korner, choose "Log in now" as an additional membership is not required as they would already have an active membership.

  4. You will be required to pay a $25 deposit for each week you are registering for at the time of registration. The deposit amount comes off of the total weekly fee.

  5. Once you have set up your account or logged into your account, you will click on "categories" and then select Summer Enrichment 2024. On the top of the page, select "Summer Enrichment Camp 2024 (36)", which will allow you to register for multiple weeks at one time.

  6. In order for the registration to be completed, a credit card is required to be on the child's account. Automatic weekly payments will be taken on the Friday prior to your child's registration. If no card information is entered, the registration will not be processed, and your child will not be registered for Summer Enrichment Camp.

  7. You will have to repeat these steps for every child you are registering for Summer Enrichment 2024.

  8. If you currently have an outstanding balance for any YMCA program you will not be allowed to register for YMCA Summer Enrichment Camp until past balances are paid.

  9. Once your registration has been submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation from our online system immediately after. If you do not receive an automatic confirmation, your registration HAS NOT been received. You will also receive a confirmation from a YMCA staff member within one week of registration.

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