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99 Union Street, Middletown


  • Saturday 11am - 1pm THEME PARTY

  • Saturday 1:30pm-3:30PM THEME or GYM PARTY

  • Sunday 11am-1pm THEME PARTY

  • Sunday 1:30pm-3:30pm THEME or POOL PARTY

Theme Party $250
Pool Party $300
Gym Party $300
Themes include:
Princess, Superhero, Pirates, Magic, Dinosaurs, Minecraft & more!

Contact Shyla for more info:

Theme list- Princess, Pirate, Minecraft, Magic, Dinosaurs, Glow parties, Little artist, Slime parties, Happy birthday with your favorite color. Other themes can be requested and we will do our best to try to fill them!

Gym Parties can have activities like dodgeball, scooter races, pickleball, basketball, volleyball etc!

YMCA Party Staff can help run the activities!

YMCA Party Staff sets up the party room before you arrive with decorations and supplies. Staff is then available to assist with any additional set up and help run activities! The Party Staff will also take care of the post party clean up.

Pool Party- Participants are suggested to arrive 10-15 minutes early in order to drop items off in the party room and get changed in our locker rooms. They then have the pool from 1:30-2:30. Then they can get changed and head to the party room which is theirs to use until 3:30!

Gym Party- Participants are suggested to arrive 5-10 minutes early to drop items off in the party room and then head to the gym for an hour of fun from 1:30-2:30 and then they have the Party room until 3:30!                                                    

Theme Party- Theme parties get 2 hours in the party room. YMCA Party Staff will help run DIY activities based on your theme and games with the participants!

What is provided?- All paper products and room decorations. Fit to your theme choice or Basic happy birthday with a color choice!

Do you provide food?- No all food is to be provided by the families. Families can use our fridge located in the party room to store anything they might need to before the party

How many kids?- Parties can accommodate 15 children, Pool Parties can have a max of 20 people in it allowing 15 children and 5 adults in the water.

What should we bring?- Towels! Bring your own food and drink! Presents! etc.

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