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#BestSummerEver FUND

Can we count on your support? Let’s work together to give children memories that will last a lifetime!

  • $2,000 - 8 weeks of camp for one camper.

  • $1,000 - 4 weeks of camp for one camper.

  • $500 - 2 weeks of camp for one camper.

  • $250 - 1 week of camp for one camper. 

#BestSummerEverFUND 2023

Every child deserves an opportunity to have a life changing experience of spending a session outdoors at YMCA Camp Ingersoll. 

Y Camp Ingersoll is a magical place for children, a 77-acre outdoor paradise that immerses campers in the healing powers of nature. Swimming, archery, ropes, sports, crafts, team building, and let’s not forget about Campfire Fridays - are all examples of activities that build confidence, grow new skills, and expand creativity and problem-solving. Camp nurtures potential!  

Children face many challenges that impede their full development. An abundance of screen time, unequal access to positive youth development, social media exploitation, and sedentary lifestyles have contributed to record high 

child and youth anxiety, deteriorating mental health, and physical health challenges.

Y Camp Ingersoll provides children with Fun, Friendship, and Positive Role Models. You can give a child this incredible gift by sending a child to camp this summer through our Send a Kid to Camp Campaign. 


Visit our YMCA Camp Ingersoll website or Facebook page to learn more about the camp.

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