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September, 2018


Kaitlin came to "try the Y" with her friend Heather who had told her how good she felt about being able to take care of herself while her children were with the Y Child Watch "babysitting" staff. For the past 3 years, Kaitlin has been enjoying her Family Membership at the Y with her husband and 5 children. 

"The customer service is incredible and so flexible. When our 5th child was born, we were able to pause our membership for longer than we expected. The membership staff made it super easy to return.

We now come 4x a week, sometimes even just to give the kids a break in the air

conditioned room on those super hot days at the end of summer." 

While the Y Child Watch staff make her children feel right at home, Kaitlin gets

quality time with other Y members and enjoys the wide variety of fitness

activities the Y has to offer such as group exercise classes, treadmills, ellipticals,

bikes, stair climbers, rowing machines and strength training equipment.


"As a mom of 5 children, I really count on having this time just for me while my

kids are in Child Watch. My kids love going to Child Watch, but they are kids

and sometimes have an "off" day. The Child Watch staff go above and beyond

to help the kids get settled and feel welcome. If they do need to come get me

for my child, I trust that they have done everything possible to comfort my child."

Kaitlin is now bringing friends down to "try the Y" and help inspire other moms to take good care of themselves. Now is the best time to bring a friend during our MEMBER GET A MEMBER Campaign. If they join as a full member, you will receive ONE FREE month of membership (value of one adult). 

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