Free 6 Week Y Program Promises to Kick the Pandemic Rut

Community gets STRONG Together in partnership with Valley Shore Y, Camp Hazen Y, Community Foundation of Middlesex MIDDLETOWN,CT (October 9, 2020)–Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired in these COVID-19 times?  The Northern Middlesex YMCA invites all in the community to participate in a free six-week STRONG challenge designed to help transform spirit, mind and body. The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati began this program earlier this year, and it had such great success in helping to elevate their community that they wanted to make it national and available to all YMCA’s. “Now, more than ever before we need to recharge and refocus,”said YMCA of Greater Cincinnati President and CEO Jorge Perez. “

Why COVID-19 Means You Need a Flu Shot This Year

By Nina Bai As the flu season approaches in the United States, health experts are warning that the addition of another respiratory illness on top of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could overburden the health care system, strain testing capacity, and increase the risk of catching both diseases at once. In a bad flu season, which peaks from December to February, 40 million to 50 million Americans may catch the flu, with some 800,000 requiring hospitalization, according to Charles Chiu, MD, PhD, an infectious disease expert at UC San Francisco. “So the worry is that with the onset of the flu season, you’re going to get peaks of flu and COVID-19 cases at the same time,” he said. “Even with a mild

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