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Camper Safety is Our Top Priority

Camper safety is our top priority, and the Y is clean, safe, and in full compliance with all CDC, DECD, public health, and Connecticut Office of Early Childhood guidelines.

“Across the state, YMCA’s safely served more than 13,200 campers in 2020, providing children with a much-needed return to childhood. The benefits of a summer camp experience full of enrichment, socialization, and fun will not only help children heal from the trauma of this past year but will also help prepare them for a successful return to the school year.”

Michele Rulnick, YMCA CEO.

YMCA Camp Ingersoll Directors are working hard to host the BEST SUMMER EVER 2021 experience for campers. Volunteers have helped prepare the grounds. Regular meetings are happening to adjust procedures and programming as the health & safety guidelines are updated. YMCA Camp Directors Ben & Emerson are doing an AMAZING job of being FOREVER HERE FOR YOU (theme of our June Annual Meeting 2020). Tours of the Camp are being hosted with the next tour date of June 5th (2-4pm). Parents will have to sign up for a 30min block. Sign up sheet will be available soon. Staff are being hired and intensive training focused on social emotional learning and mental health are happening. Family Events like Family Hike, Climbing Day, Chase the Sun Fun Run, Family Fishing Derby & Movie Night are running. Rentals to Schools & Families for Birthday Parties & Social Gatherings are being scheduled. The final session of Youth Sports classes begins Saturday, May 8th. Registration is still open for classes for youth ages 3 years of age to 10 years of age. Registration is also open for purchasing your Annual YCI OUTDOOR CENTER MEMBERSHIP Membership is required in order

to be on grounds.


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