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Spotlight on School Age Child Care at the Northern Middlesex YMCA

August 6, 2021

Kids in Y afterschool programs demonstrate improvement in the values, skills, attitudes and behaviors needed for success in school and life. We hope everyone is enjoying their Summer as much as we are here at the Y's Summer Enrichment Camp! Enrichment is the act of enriching someone or something or the state of being enriched. We work on exposing our campers to different cultures, crafts, sports, games, and encourage positive social down time! Our campers have come so far and it doesn't have to stop! Our Kids' Korner Programs in Middletown, Portland, and Cromwell elementary schools continue the enrichment all school year round! Register at

July 27, 2021

Last week's warm weather gave our Summer Literacy Campers at Wesley School a perfect opportunity for a little outdoor water play! NOW is the time to be thinking about Before & After School Care for the 2021-22 School Year. Registration is open for all of our before and after school programs and spaces are filling quickly! Contact Amy at 860-343-6218 with any registration questions. Keep scrolling for more examples of the quality enrichment programming our Professional Role Models provide for your child while parents are working!

Visit our website for registration information:

July 20, 2021

The Middlesex YMCA has partnered with Middletown Public Schools to offer after care for the Summer Literacy Academy. his week our theme is "Abroad Adventures." This week, the children enjoyed creating these beautiful "literal palm trees." For this SEL lesson, campers wrote their name in the middle of their handprint. The handprint then got passed around the classroom and each camper wrote a word on the fingers that described something they liked about the other child. What an amazing activity that supports others in positive ways!

"By FAR one of the best summer programs around. My kids loved it and I had full trust in the Y team."

-Parent of 2021 Summer Enrichment Camper

July 8, 2021 - The Middlesex YMCA Kids' Korner has partnered with Middletown Public Schools to provide camp this week for the Summer Literacy Program. We will also be providing the afternoon portion of the program for the next 6 weeks once the program officially begins next week.

Today, the children had a special presentation by Abrakadoodle Central CT and staff member Shema was so excited to share her artwork with the group. We can't wait to see more pictures of all the fun they are going to have in the next few weeks.

If you are looking for a fun and safe before and afterschool program for your child, Kids' Korner is currently accepting registrations for the 2021-2022 school year. Please contact Ceara at with any questions.

July 2021 - YMCA Professional Role Model, Jillian grew up attending Kids Korner and knows just how to connect with school age kids year round in our Before & After School, Vacation Day Programs and Summer Enrichment Camp. She always has a smile on her face and endless energy to keep kids active and healthy. During COVID, she stepped up and offered virtual sign language classes and other engaging virtual programming to stay connected to the Kids' Korner Kids. You'd never know by looking at these pics that it was during the heat wave earlier this week! Jillian makes sure her campers remain hydrated and seeks out shady locations early in the day to make sure they keep those bodies moving! Thank you Jillian for being a role model and inspiration to the next generation of YMCA Professional Childcare Providers! Now is the best time to secure your spot in our Before & After School Programs or to submit your application to be a YMCA Professional Role Model.

June 2021 - Healthy Happy Kids at Summer Enrichment Camp!

Our Summer Enrichment Youth Development Professionals have been keeping campers actively engaged with physical games that encourage social skill development and hands on enrichment activities. Parents with children have a million things to worry about. We get it. We know that all parents have an active life. One of the problems parents are concerned about is finding quality child care they can trust. The YMCA is committed to providing quality, licensed year round school age child care programs.

Student led Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Learning at Kids Korner


Afterschool programs play a major role in providing meaningful science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning experiences to diverse groups of youth. These subjects help students succeed in school and prepare them for careers that are driving global economic growth.

Nationwide, states and schools are engaging diverse partners like afterschool programs, libraries, museums, universities, and businesses to ensure that students have access to high-quality STEM education. By fully utilizing the hours outside of school, and taking an all hands on deck approach to maximize collective impact, we can ensure that our students are prepared for the future. Afterschool and summer programs spark learning and ignite interest by letting youth experiment with STEM ideas in real-world situations.

June 10, 2021

Here is a PERFECT example of the kind of student driven learning that takes place in our Before & After School Programs and Summer Enrichment Camps! Learn more at:

June 6, 2021

Welcome to Abi, our new Kids Korner Site Director at MacDonough Kids Korner! She comes to the Y with a great deal of experience and Y Program Leadership. Check out her first facebook post below of the kids exploring color theory!

We wish Mr. Kris a fond farewell as he heads off to advance his Youth Development career! Check out his adorable video below that showcases the incredible work he did with the MacDonough team earlier this year.

6.3.2021 Published by Abi Huntington

Today we explored COLOR THEORY! Students created beautiful artwork using only blue, red and yellow paint. They worked together to make their favorite colors. We can’t wait for you to see our dry finished products tomorrow!

Had a blast working on this with Kids' Korner at Macdonough kids. Like... Share... and ENJOY!!!


Online Registration for NEW families began Monday 5/10 and many of our programs are filling quickly! Do not wait to register your child for our amazing before and after school programs.

We understand that this year has been extremely difficult for children so our focus will continue to be on social emotional growth and helping children make connections with their peers. Our staff have received several trainings this school year regarding trauma-informed care and mindfulness and we are ready to make the next school year the best one yet!

Please contact Ceara at 860-343-6247 or Mackenzie at 860-343-6211 with any questions.

Bielefield Kids Korner 5/5/2021

Kids' Korner is much more than just a great child care program. It's a wonderful way to extend the school day by exploring new interests, enjoying healthy recreational pursuits, engaging in enrichment activities and benefiting from academic support. And all the while, kids are making friends and having fun under the supervision of well-trained youth development professionals.

Registration is now open for ALL for the 2021-2022 School Year. LEARN MORE

Snow Kids Korner 4/28/2021

The experience of being outdoors, moving their bodies and expressing themselves is EXACTLY what kids need to heal from the trauma of isolation over the past year! Our Y Youth Development teams are prioritizing programming that focuses on healthy movement, social emotional learning and academic enrichment. Our goal is to build character, bring joy and make students more prepared for learning in school settings.

Oddfellows came and did some movement activities with us! We can’t wait for next Friday for them to come again.

We have some smart cookies at Lawrence Kids’ Korner! The kids took 2 days to solve the phrase! Our friend Owen guessed the phrase on our Wheel of Fortune board Congratulations Owen!

Our Youth Development professionals are very creative at sneaking in literacy activities in our before & after school program and Summer Enrichment Camp. #YouthDevelopment#KidsKorner#SummerEnrichment


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