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Camp Ingersoll Highlights

July 29, 2021

Session 3 is off to a great start thanks to our amazing campers!! So far we have seen Anaja's middle girls sculpt pinch pots out of clay, Olivia's campers work on team building activities at ropes, younger boys participate in active games for unit time, dance camp prepare for their Family Night performance, Michelle's olders created an active version of tic-tac-toe, Nick's campers played field hockey, the CIT's helped lead kiddy camper unit time with science experiments and team work challenges, Ezra's group created a giant game of chess, and we ended the week with Camp Fire Friday and some pies in the face! We want to thank all our camp families who joined us for our Session 3 Family Night! COLOR GAMES HAVE BEGUN!! DAY 1: The training started with our Wee Wonders and Kiddy Campers racing through an obstacle course to collect space gems at the end. The rest of our campers headed up to upper sports to enter the asteroid belt and play an awesome game of gladiators! COLOR GAMES DAY 2: Campers hit the soccer field for a competitive obstacle course and the Wee Wonders and Kiddy Campers gathered to play ABC Basketball!

July 22, 2021

Session 2 Camp Inger-Circus Highlights

To close out our Inger-circus, kiddy campers threw a carnival!

Please use the link below to view or download high-resolution photos from the night! If you need a login code it's ingersoll21.

We couldn't end Session 2 without a pie in the face!

The screens have been ditched and campers are experiencing a very real, natural environment where they are encouraged to try something new without the fear of a failing grade. Enjoy these photos that capture spirits soaring and laughter roaring! The best part is that some of these campers are able to attend because of generous donors and business partners who support our Annual SEND A KID to CAMP campaign!

Ingersoll Olympics; Campfire Friday; Inger-circus; Dancing in the Rain; Archery; Challenge Course; Nature; A & C; Swimming & Boating;

July 7, 2021

ARCHERY At Archery we emphasize the importance of safety, patience, and body control. Campers learn proper stance, grip, draw, and release to celebrate the success of hitting a bullseye. As campers improve, we adapt the environment to create new challenges and teach advanced skills.

BOATING Kayaks, paddleboards, and canoes provide a variety of learning opportunities at Boating. Fitting a lifejacket, holding the paddles, and navigating are just a few of the skills your campers will learn from boating on Job’s Pond.

SWIMMING Our swimming area will provide a private section for each group to swim in. Each sections is divided to accommodate campers that can and cannot swim. Lifeguards swim test every camper on the 1st day of every session to ensure safety. Swimmers become more confident with skill based activities during the second half of the swim period. Job’s Pond is the perfect place for campers to cool off, improve their skills, and have fun!

NATURE Counselors lead their campers through prepared nature activities once a week. Campers conduct nature themed experiments and explore our 77 acres while learning how to identify plants and animals and how to become a steward of our natural world.

CHALLENGE COURSE During the first week, the Course Director will guide groups through “low ropes” initiatives designed to challenge campers to work together, communicate effectively, and trust their peers. Campers create a supportive group that will enable them to overcome fears and reach new heights on our High Ropes Elements during the second week. Challenges are adapted to be age appropriate.

ARTS & CRAFTS Each week at Arts & Crafts, campers will have the opportunity to express themselves in new and creative ways. The A&C director uses our Session Themes to plan and facilitate activities that capture the interests of each unit, challenge campers to use their imaginations, and utilize variety of materials to create a take-home masterpiece.

July 2, 2021

June 30, 2021

June 29, 2021

June 2021

Personal connections create the Ingersoll experience. Relationship building begins as campers sit with their group and play name games or icebreakers. Campers connect with friends and trust others as they spend all two weeks, eight periods a day, with their group. Check out the highlight pics featuring campers paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, reading, eating popsicles, zip lining, crafting, active games, enjoying sprinklers and entertaining events like pie in the face! When you donate to the Send a Kid to Camp campaign, these are the magical moments you create for a child!

Campers experience a daily schedule which includes....

ONE SWIM PERIOD: Following current COVID-19 guidelines, groups will swim in their private area once a day. Half of the time will be free swim, while the other half will be activities to build skills. Campers opting out go to a designated area with sports equipment and games.

ONE SPECIALTY AREA: Ropes, Nature, Archery, Boating, Arts & Crafts. Campers will participate in a different Specialty every day.

LITERACY: Counselors read or lead literacy activities for at least 30 minutes every day.

LUNCH: Locations vary from tables to towels, the beach to the woods. The week ends with Campfire Fridays.

COUNSELOR PLANNED ACTIVITIES: active games, circle games, arts and nature based activities..

Make magic happen for a child! Donate to our Send A Kid to Camp Campaign 2021. At the end of a long camp day, dismissal time can be overwhelming for young children. YMCA Youth Development Professionals understand the importance of crouching down to talk to children. Getting down to the camper level gives children positive attention and builds their confidence.


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