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Cycling & Fitness Studio HVAC Upgrade

With cycling and many fitness classes relocating from the temporary location of the large gymnasium to the studios downstairs, you may be wondering about the air quality. We are excited to share that the HVAC Upgrade which began in July 2020, was recently completed. The new system has replaced the 100 year old steam heat system in the Cycling Room, Fitness Studio & Party Room areas.

While the old radiators will remain in place, the heating and cooling system will now pump out air through the vents located in the ceiling. This State of the Art Reverse Refrigeration Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) will allow us the ability to condition several spaces independently from one another. The upgraded duct work will create additional airflow with 20% outside air.

If you have questions or would like more information about the HVAC system upgrade or health & safety of the fitness studios, please reach out to our VP of Operations, Heather Chandor at 860-343-6207

Key benefits of VRF/VRV air conditioning systems:

  • Highly energy efficient.

  • Precise temperature control.

  • Simultaneous heating & cooling.

  • Heat recovery.

  • Zoned comfort.

  • Flexible & modular designs.

  • Simpler to install.

  • Sophisticated, easy to use controls


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