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Kindness Quilt Created by Local Youth On Display at the YMCA

In November of 2020, students from Meriden and Middletown participated in our kindness quilt activity to recognize World Kindness Week, as well as, address the issue of youth suicide.

Last year, unfortunately there was a significant increase in youth suicide rates.

The Middletown Substance Abuse Prevention Council and the Meriden Healthy Youth Coalition wanted to offer a fun activity to students to help spread messages of kindness and support.

Students who registered for this program were provided with quilt squares and art supplies which were dropped off at their house. The group met virtually to discuss the challenging times that students and families are going through and how kindness for all is so important during this time. The quilt showcases student artwork with messages of kindness, words of positivity and suicide prevention resources. The quilt will be displayed at alternating sites throughout Middletown and Meriden in hopes to share this beautiful quilt with our communities. For the next month, the quilt will be displayed at the Northern Middlesex YMCA.


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