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Volunteer Day at Camp Ingersoll

Join us for a Spring Morning of hard work, family, and fun on Saturday, April 10th at YMCA Camp Ingersoll! With only 3 year round staff members we need your help to prepare camp for the upcoming Summer Season!

We would love for you to join us for a fun filled day in the sun of raking leaves, moving materials, building picnic tables, painting, and more!! If your students, kids, neighbors, or others are looking to fulfill volunteer hours, bring them along and we would be happy to sign any necessary paperwork!

Volunteers will meet at the office around 10 AM and break up into groups to accomplish a variety of different tasks! Around 2pm, lunch will be provided to close out a morning of hard work! We hope to see you there!

If interested in helping out please fill out this quick info form below. Thanks!


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