Y Members RAISED $709.70 by RIDING EXPRESSO Bikes during February

Expresso Bikes give back to the YMCA with 2019 RALLY.RIDE.RAISE challenge

During the month of February, 22 Y members joined the Rally for the Y to sweat in support of the 2019 Middlesex YMCA Annual Support Campaign which gives out more than $300,000 annually to help youth, families and adults have access to Y programs in order to reach their full potential.

341 YMCAs across the nation participated in the Expresso Bike Rally for the Y Challenge with our Middlesex Y small but mighty team of riders ranking 63 out of the 341 Y teams nationwide.

A total of 1,727 miles were ridden collectively by the Middlesex Y Rally Team over the 28 days of February burning 68,495 calories as a team! EXPRESSO bikes generously supports the cause driven work of the Y by giving each registered rider 10 cents a mile to be donated directly to their home YMCA.

Thank you so much to all our riders for a great month of riding. Together, the team with support of sponsors, raised $709.70 and crushing the goal of raising more than the $84 raised during February 2018 Rally for the Y challenge.  The money raised will go towards our Annual Campaign to help families have access to the Y and all the amazing programs we have to offer without the cost becoming a barrier. 

Congratulations and thank you to our riders and sponsors.

We're looking forward to Rally for the Y 2020 and hope you will register to ride on our team!


RIDER NAME              MILES        $ RAISED

Ned Deane 321 $128.35 Has secured sponsors Brett Doering 234 $238.44 Has secured sponsors .March 231 $  48.09 Has secured sponsors J. Kurz 168 $  16.08 Sue Dionne 116 $ 104.73 Has secured sponsors Louise Petroka 105 $ 10.48 Walt Gayeski 64 $   6.43 Craig Nielsen 60 $   5.99 Linda Heidorn 57 $ 88.25 Has secured sponsors Cindi Perugini 55 $    5.51 Jay Keiser 52 $   5.21 Linda Schroeder 51 $ 15.11 Has secured sponsors Prielle Kane 40 $  4.00 Bryan Titus 36 $  3.61 Amanda McKelvey 32 $  3.22 Heather Chandor 27 $   2.66 Nick Dionne 24 $  2.40 Gary Plourde 15 $ 16.14 Has secured sponsors Erica Law 15             $   1.49 Melissa Sienna 14 $   1.40 Bill Ball 12 $   1.22 Cindy Sullivan 11 $   1.09

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